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Script Services & Screenplay Submissions

Screenplay submissions to CCPI are either:

  • Scripts for breakdown & scheduling services
  • Screenplays for option & purchase consideration

Script Breakdown & Scheduling Service

Your project's feasibility starts with a thorough script breakdown and a realistic shooting schedule. In the long run, it'll save you more than money.

Whether you're making an investor proposal or allocating resources to a fixed budget, we can help you figure out your project's "What and how?" so you can accurately determine "How much?"

From low-budget indie films to multi-million dollar movies and TV series, we do professional script breakdowns and schedules for real production budgeting, including full AD reports (one-liner, shoot schedule, day-out-of-day reports, etc.).

We can create a script breakdown and shooting schedule in a few days. And we can connect you with production managers to create a working budget.

Contact us to discuss the elements, variables, and parameters that may affect your project's schedule and budget.

Screenplay Option & Purchase

We love a good story that's well-told, with relatable characters, gripping situations, and a distinct point of view.

From time to time, we accept submissions of completed feature-length screenplays in the Horror, Thriller, or Dark Fantasy genres.

We are neither film financiers nor investors. Our interest in outside screenplays is to option or purchase them for our own production.

We are based in Toronto, Canada and plan to take advantage of Canadian tax credits and incentives that require filming in Ontario with proposed budgets of up to $3,500,000 Canadian.

Screenplays must be in standard screenplay format, between 90 to 105 pages.

Each screenplay must be accompanied by a completed CCPI Screenplay Submission Release Form. No release, no read.

In addition to the Submission Release Form, you should also be familiar with our Film Rights & Clearances Guidelines. If a screenplay and its underlying rights cannot be cleared for commercial use then we cannot consider it.

Download the Adobe (.pdf) documents from the links below:

* Get Adobe Reader free from

We look forward to some stimulating reading.

Film Submissions

We no longer accept films (short or feature-length) for distribution.